Baseball/Softball/Teeball Info

Registration: Registration will start around the second week of January.

Age Range for Participants (based on a date of 9/1 of current school year):

  • Teeball: 4 yr - 5 yr old boys and girls
  • Baseball: 6 yr - 14 yr old boys (Coach Pitch: 6 yr - 7 yr olds)
  • Softball: 6 yr - 14 yr old girls (Coach Pitch: 6 yr - 8 yr olds)
    Note: 3 yr olds as of the cutoff date will be placed on a waiting list
               to see if room is avail on a 4-yr old team.

Practices: There is usually one practice per week (M-F) in the evening at the St Mark Fields located at 13690 Bulverde Rd. Practice will usually last about 1 hr - 1.5 hrs. Practices should start around the first or second week of March.

Games: Generally, there will be 2 games per weekend (1 on Sat and 1 on Sun). Games will be played at parishes within our Zone II. Games should start around late March or early April and last through mid-June.

Uniforms: Uniforms are purchased through CYO for $28 and consist of a shirt and cap. New uniforms will need to be purchased this year due a new vendor.

For more information, please contact one of the St Mark CYO Board Members.